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e-books & e-papers hold in bmanuel.org.

(1). Series.

bmanuel.org glottological and philological series. The PDFs are released under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike License.

bmanuel.org glottologica et philologica.
Versione italiana and English Version.

(2). e-books.

PDF e-books produced in bmanuel.org and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike License.

Linguistica dei corpora e linguistica dei corpora italiana.
A first introduction, for all kind of people.
(in Italian)

Schema e storia del Corpus Taurinense.
Corpus Taurinense documentation and Old Italian computational grammar. (in Italian)

Molti occhi sono meglio di uno.
Linguistics essays 2008-12, ranging from America to Far East, from historical linguistics to the history of linguistics, and from generative grammar to corpus linguistics. (in Italian)

Corpora e linguistica in rete.
A rich reader, edited by Manuel Barbera, Elisa Corino and Cristina Onesti. (in Italian)

La gradazione baltofinnica.
A version scanned by the Author of his 1993 first book. Released in 2013 as free e-book. (in Italian)

(3). e-papers.

PDF e-papers, mainly earlier or later edited versions of elsewhere published papers. (coming soon)

(3). e-drafts.

PDF versions of handouts, or power point presentations of elsewhere fully published papers. (coming soon)