in short.

An outline presentation of the project.

by Manuel Barberaá( and Carla Marelloá(

Athenaeum is an academic corpus built up with texts produced by Turin University, POS-tagged and classified by topics and text gender, freely available and querable online.

Ideated by Manuel Barbera and Carla Marello to celebrate in our peculiar way Turin University 6th centenary, and built with the chief assistance of Luca Valle, Athenaeum was born in 2004 also thanks to a grant by Turin University Rectorship.

Athenaeum main squad. Cristina Onesti, 21.01.05.

Athenaeum main squad in front of Turin University Rectorate. From left to right: Luca Valle, Elisa Corino, Manuel Barbera and Carla Marello.

Athenaeum Corpus aims to document the written production of a standard Italian University in the full range of its activities, from the scientific domains to the administrative tasks.

The bulk of the texts currently put in the corpus come from the University magazine L'Ateneo, with a few administrative mails and circulars. Texts from the University newsletter Dall'UniversitÓ as well are in progress.

Work in progress

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