Corpus Segusinum - A Regional Newspaper Italian Corpus.


Manuel Barbera (
Cristina Onesti (
Elisa Corino (

Valsusa: A view of the Low Valley from Rifugio Amprimo (Pian Cervetto). Manuel Barbera 2008.

Short presentation of the corpus. (in progress)

Breve presentazione del corpus (in italiano).

Concise Introduction to CQP Query language. Full documentation ("CQP Manual") is also available from Stuttgart in PS, in PDF, or in HTML format.

Segusinae Guidelines (in Italian!).

A small first beta ("Ver. 0.1": see the specifications here) of the corpus, with still limited functionalities, is already online for testing queries.

A short and unpretentious Glossary (in Italian!) of newspaper jargon is also available.

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Work in progress