Jus Jurium - A corpus of juridical Italian texts.


Manuel Barbera (b.manuel@inrete.it)
Cristina Onesti (cristina_onesti@yahoo.it)
Elisa Corino (elisa.corino@gmail.com).

Head of the first leaf of Decreta Sabaudie Ducalia (1477). Private collection.

Short presentation of the corpus. (in progress)

Breve presentazione del corpus (in italiano).

Concise Introduction to CQP Query language. Full documentation ("CQP Manual") is also available from Stuttgart in PS, in PDF, or in HTML format.

JJ Guidelines (in Italian!) are available in simple TXT format.

A first beta of the corpus, still with some problem, and covering only a reduced set of texts, is already available for online queries and testing.

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Work in progress