Linguistic software produced in

Please note that here only Free Software is listed. In we work only in the Free Software Foundation line: if you can't download it, it isn't definitely worth it.

(1). ClitRec. A clitic recognizer.

by Marco Tomatis (

ClitRec is a tool working in AWK for recognizing the enclitic part of an Italian word in a tokenized, but still untagged, corpus. Since the system is founded on linguistic rules only, it needs to access an Italian lexicon file.

(2). CT Tools.

by Manuel Barbera ( and Marco Tomatis (

This is the suite of tools (mostly AWK scripts) we made to develop the Corpus Taurinense.

(3). SMorFIA & Morpho-To.

by Marco Tomatis (

A suite of Italian morfological analizers: SMorFIA is a morphological analyzer of Italian verbs only; Morpho-To is a morphological analyzer of verbs, nouns, adjectives and nominal compounds.

(4). WordLister.

by Manuel Barbera (

WordLister is a small tool working in AWK for building concordances with frequencies.

(5). TransPaper.

by Mauro Constantino ( & Luca Procopio (

Transpaper is a simple HTML word editor especially designed for the Regional Newspaper Italian Corpus Project.